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Your donation makes a difference!  Thank you for your supporting JIOS Radio.  Every dollar we receive goes to changing lives.  We take your gifts seriously, and we make every effort to maximize your investment in our organization.

There are two ways to get your business listed in our Business Partners Directory:  

Programming / Event Underwriter:

Businesses that support and underwrite JIOS Radio programming and events are not only listed on our Business Partners Directory, but also gain valuable on-air mentions as Underwriters and can participate in other JIOS Radio marketing plans and partnerships.  There are limited opportunities for Underwriters, so please act before they are spoken for.  If interested, please contact our Underwriting Team at 843-742-0664 for more information.

Standard Business Partner:

This is for a donor on behalf of a business or organization. These donations to JIOS Radio are made online, using the donation form below.  Businesses and organizations can choose to be listed or not listed in the directory.  A minimum of $50 donation per month is required to have your business or organization displayed. 



Once I make a donation, how long will it take for my listing to show up in the directory?

If you selected the box entitled "Please include my Business / Organization in the Directory", provided all the information requested to complete your listing and made the qualifying donation, our goal is to have you entered into the directory within 24 hours. Please remember that while we encourage our listeners to support businesses and organizations that support JIOS Radio, a listing in our directory, is not an official endorsement from JIOS Radio. If you need any assistance or you don't see your listing, please contact us at 843-742-0664.

How do I update the information in my listing, if I need to make changes?

Please contact us at  We will contact your business / organization verifying your security question and upon confirmation, make the changes to your listing.

Why can't I find businesses in my area?

New businesses / organizations donate to JIOS Radio regularly.  Please be sure to check back!  If you know any businesses in your local area, have them call us 843-742-0664 or better yet, give us their information ( and we will gladly contact them.

Will my business be solicited or put on mailing lists?

The Business Partner Directory is online public information and we encourage listeners to support businesses / organizations that support JIOS Radio, but we will not sell your information, nor will we encourage visitors to solicit your business / organization.

Have a question that you don't see listed here?

Please contact us at .



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